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Happiness, Serenity, Confidence, Safety

Nowadays, finding a cohesive group which you can trust them to make your happiness, serenity, confidence, safety and your future is very difficult. Alf Corp. is one of the premier residential custom house builders whom, can meet this opportunity by using high quality materials, efficient and talented personnels and staff combined with innovation, adapting and growing with industry.

The custom houses built by us are equipped with modern facilities and secure technology. Wether new construction or renovation, we use high standards of construction quality and safety. We aim to provide our clients best services relay on greatest project management and amazing performance. Also, we consider our clients’ satisfaction and try to descend their expenses with helping them in purchases, designs, using skilled treads and best quality based on our extensive experiences.

We continue to develop new relationships while staying loyal to our previous clients.

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What we do?


We provide all services from A to Z for our clients relay on our experiences and connections to fulfill their desires and needs. Everybody knows that it is hard to be successful without a perfect business plan and clear path way. We explain all aspects of an investment opportunity and help you to make the best decision. Also, we are with you step by step to achieve your aims with consulting in land purchasing, preparing the proportionate designs , architectural plans and building(renovating) your dream house by our professional teams according to time schedule and cost estimation which are reviewed initially.


Our dynamic corporate structure emphasizes collaboration between the clients, architects, designers, engineers and trades. Speed, quality, value and flexibility are at the forefront of all our customers’ needs. We treat each project and client as a partnership, acting with our clients’ interests at our core.



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